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Today I Affirm: Complete a Page of Alex Elle’s Self-Care Journal

Alex Elle is a writer and self-care influencer. Her published works include collections of poetry, daily affirmations, and journals to help you overcome obstacles to engage in power healing. Alex believes that writing is meditation and encourages others to journal to understand their true feelings.

In her self-care journal entitled Today I Affirm, I enjoy reflecting on my emotions. Writing in Today I Affirm allows me to practice positive self-talk and usher new awareness into my life. Below is a blank page from Today I Affirm, along with my written responses. After meditating on each question, you can provide your own answer.

Questions asked:

What makes you strong?

What am I unpacking, keeping, and throwing away?

Today I affirm _____________

I hope you find peace in your written reflection. May it nurture your self-care and help you overcome obstacles in your life. To purchase your copy of Today I Affirm, click the link below:

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