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The Healing Stones I Use When I'm Creating

Whether I’m writing, editing, or researching, I become fully engaged in my creative process. I enjoy creating environments where I can express myself and have ideas flow through me effortlessly. My healing stones are some of my favorite tools to use when I’m creating. They help me achieve the peacefulness needed to create beautiful work. Keep reading to learn which stones I use when I’m creating!

Blue Howlite

My blue howlite stone brings calming energy around me. When I’m creating, it offers me the clarity to formulate ideas from beginning to end. I often do throat chakra meditations before a writing session and hold my Blue Howlite stone close.


Though Citrine is technically a crystal, it’s also helpful to my process. Citrine encourages joy, success, and high energy. My citrine crystal is important to me because it creates a boost in my self-confidence. This crystal helps me explore new things when reading, writing, or creating visuals.


My Carnelian stone supports my creativity by unblocking past traumas and insecurities. Carnelian is often given to shy people to help them embrace their voice and overcome obstacles by becoming bold people who speak their minds. The healing properties of Carnelian help me express myself in a way that’s true to who I am.

These healing stones help create an environment where I can calm myself, be confident in who I am, and express myself. Blue Howlite, Citrine, and Carnelian work together to help me become my authentic self and create work that mirrors this authenticity.

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