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Self-Care Day Essentials

I take pride in the fact that my self-care day essentials are inexpensive, long-lasting, and always at my fingertips. I'm highlighting the items I used on my most recent self-care day (as pictured above). Keep reading to learn more about each tool!

Essential Oil Diffuser

My essential oil diffuser is great for setting a relaxing atmosphere. I love using my favorite oils, lavender and lemon. My diffuser also has a color-changing function, which is soothing to look at during my self-care time.

Green Tea

On my self-care days, I love a cup of green tea with a capful of lemon. Green tea is full of antioxidants and has lots of health benefits overall. I like how relaxing the experience of drinking tea is--how it forces me to slow down and be present in the moment.


Candles set the mood for peace and relaxation. This particular candle is Earl Grey and Berry scent. I believe aromatherapy is an essential part of any self-care day.

(I purchased this candle at Ross for $7.99)


Any book will do for my self-care day, but I recently purchased Wisdom From a Humble Jellyfish by Rani Shah. It’s a book about self-care rituals and lessons from nature. It’s been on my “to be read” list for a while, and I’m excited to read it finally. It’s perfect for a self-care day.

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