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Music Therapy: The Playlist That Gets Me Through it All

Music is a constant source of calm in my life. It’s there for me whenever I’m struggling to understand how I truly feel. The lyrics of musical artists featured in my Apple Music playlist entitled ‘idk’ help me identify my mood and cope with every feeling I have.

The name ‘idk’ came to me because the music in this playlist mostly focuses on vibes and feels, not one particular feeling. These artists’ songs have helped me transform how I deal with sadness, loss, happiness, regret. Keep reading to see which songs and artists are featured on my ‘idk’ playlist.

Jorja Smith

When sometimes you could be lost, you could be found

I've been lost

I've been lost again and I've been found

Then I found myself but I'm constantly finding myself

-” February 3rd” by Jorja Smith

Key songs: Lost and Found; February 3rd; Wandering Romance; Don’t Watch Me Cry; Carry Me Home

Jorja’s music centers around losing and finding yourself again along your personal growth journey. Jorja taught me to be okay with the backslides I take on my personal growth journey and that it’s important to be patient with myself

The Internet

We ain't got time today

Throw on your darker shades and smile for the camera

I want you to know

that it gets better with time

-”It Gets Better With Time” by The Internet

Key songs: It Gets Better (With Time); Girl; Just Sayin/I Tried; Hold On

The Internet’s music is about surviving through life’s awkward and uncomfortable times while staying true to your uniqueness. Their song ‘It Gets Better With Time’ teaches me how to get through the tough times in life. I find myself playing this song whenever I need a simple reminder that it gets better with time.


I'm breaking into slow motion

I'm watching me in slow motion

Sweep me up from cold oceans

I'll make it through broken emotion

-”Blue Wine” by Nao

Key songs: Another Lifetime; Adore You; In the Morning; Blue Wine; Make it Out Alive; Orbit; Don’t Change; A Life Like This

Nao’s music encourages us to awaken our senses and feel everything. Her album “For All We Know” gives us songs about confidence, being carefree, and committed to self-expression.


Be leery bout your place in the world

You're feeling like you're chasing the world

You're leaving not a trace in the world

But you're facing the world

-”Weary” by Solange

Key songs: Cash In; Rise; Weary; Don’t You Wait; Things I Imagined; Dreams; I’m a Witness; Losing You

Solange’s songs are an ode to self-discovery and making our stamp in the world. Her albums express the unique experience of blackness and encourage others to remember who they are despite social injustice attacks.

Snoh Aalegra

I've been homeless, hopeless with no address

'Til my heart, you chose

Now I got a home, baby

Out here in the world I'm not alone

-”Home” by Snoh Aalegra

Key songs: Time; You; Nothing to Me; Situationship; Charleville 9200, Pt. II, Home, In Your River

Snoh’s music has themes around loneliness, longing, and heartache. Her lyrics offer the perfect words for how you may be feeling. Her album ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’ dives deep into the uncomfortable emotions we often feel and encourage us to address them without judgment.

Mariah the Scientist

And they talking 'bout love, what is it?

Didn't know it existed

Now they telling me it's within myself

But, baby, what is love?

-”Note to Self” by Mariah the Scientist

Key songs: Note to Self; Reminders; 7AM; In My Nightmares; RIP; Disclosure

Self-destruction, dealing with a warped sense of love, trying to fill our emptiness with the wrong things are all things Mariah’s music expresses. Her music tells us to value our love and hold space for ourselves in the moments when we need us the most.

Chloe x Halle

I don't do well under pressure

I don't know it all

I wish I had all the answers

Fix it all myself (Oh)

I feel overwhelmed

-” Overwhelmed” by Chloe x Halle

Key songs: Hi-Lo; Down; Happy Without Me; Baby Girl; Ungodly Hour; Overwhelmed; Lonely; The Kids Are Alright; Fall

Chloe x Halle’s music deals with the ups and downs of young adulthood. Their albums ‘The Kids Are Alright’ and ‘Ungodly Hour’ teach us to enjoy the ride of young adulthood despite the noise that comes from people who want to judge you for living your life. Ungodly Hour is a testament to loving yourself extra hard in your darkest moments while being unapologetic about who you are.

Brent Faiyaz

Maybe I just can't open up, I don't trust anyone

I don't know what they want

It's why chances are I got shades on, we talk

Oh, 'cause I'm alone

-”Sonder Son” by Brent Faiyaz

Key songs: Feel; Too Fast; Searchin; Skyline; Clouded; Let Me Know; Why’z It So Hard; Poundz; Sonder Son (Interlude)

Brent’s music reflects on the fact that life, and the people in it, can become confusing. And sometimes a dissociation from the world feels like the easiest thing to do--even if it means being misunderstood.

Pip Millet

There's something 'bout the rain

Must be something in the water

Run away

I can't help but wonder when the weather's gon' change

Let go of the sadness

Lingers on it's own

You dug it by yourself, can't get out alone

Depressed for a while, couldn't find my smile

-”Something Bout the Rain” by Pip Millet

Key songs: Something Bout the Rain; Do Well; Deeper Dark; Ava; Start of the End

Pip’s music talks about finding peace and recovering from a dark past. Her songs teach us to not be afraid to look at past hurt in order to learn from it. Her EP Lost in June invites listeners on a journey where she travels deep into the pains that linger in her life.

Cleo Sol

I see your body full of hate

Crying out for someone to save the day

I tell you God makes no mistakes

Your time will come, have faith

-”Butterfly” by Cleo Sol

Key songs: Rose in the Dark; Her Light; Why Don’t You; Shine; Butterfly; Young Love; Try and You Try

Cleo Sol’s music shows us how to turn inward to find the perfect love we search for. She sings about how the world will let us down, so it’s important to nurture joy and peace within our spirits. Her album ‘Rose in the Dark’ has songs about achieving fulfillment in life, learning from mistakes, and never letting disappointment stop us from seeing how great we truly are.

These songs in my ‘idk’ playlist have transformed my sense of happiness and joy. By listening to these songs, I find that true peace comes from self-acceptance and awareness of every emotion.

These artists’ songs help give new meaning and power to the ideas of loneliness, heartache, and self-discovery through their vulnerable artistry. Which artists/songs might be in your ‘idk’ playlist?

Follow me on Apple Music @itssydneyjones to listen to my idk playlist!

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