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Journal Inspo to Get You Writing

Keeping a personal journal is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness in your life each day. By bringing your true emotions into focus, you can learn to express yourself without judgment. Whether you write in your personal journey every day or once a week, you will appreciate having a way to release the heaviness of your mind and heart.

Although, some days you can struggle with expressing yourself the way you need to. If that’s the case for you, read below for a few journal ideas to get you writing.

>List 10 Things You’re Grateful For

>To make space for my healing, what needs to go? What needs to stay?

>*Fill in the Blank* I deserve ______

>What does my happy place look like? How does it make me feel?

>Create three affirmations to use

The benefits of keeping a personal journal are endless. With the stroke of a pen, we can free our minds, speak our truths, and express our deepest desires and fears. The next time you need inspo to get writing, consider the list above. Happy journaling!

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