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Creating My Joy Jar

Over the weekend, I created my joy jar. A joy jar, sometimes called a happiness jar, is a fun way to cultivate joy in your life. My joy jar contains handwritten notes that I wrote about joyous events in my life, reasons to be grateful, or anything that I know will make me smile. Whenever I need a positivity boost, I’ll reach into my joy jar and read a note to help me recall a happy time in my life.


To create my joy jar, I bought all of these materials from my local Dollar Tree store:

-a glass jar

-decorative butterfly stickers

-2 bundles of artificial flowers


Watch the video below to see me gather all my supplies from Dollar Tree!

The Process

At home, I used my hot glue gun to attach the ribbon around my glass jar. Then, I plucked flower buds from the bouquet and used a few petals for the sides of my joy jar. With the butterfly stickers, I stuck them around the artificial flower petals. Then, my joy jar was complete!

Watch the video below to see the process of how I created my joy jar!

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