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Create Your 2021 Digital Vision Board

Vision boards are easily one of my favorite things to create on any given day. They help me envision my future, focus on what’s important, and encourage me to strive for excellence.

Traditional vision boards typically require lots of crafty supplies like glue, scissors, markers, and magazines for the “vision” element. Some of these things might be in your home already, and some may not. It can be a hassle to buy these tools if your vision board is a one-time project.

The pressure to “get it right” can be time-consuming, especially for the not-so-crafty among us. When I created my first vision board during my sophomore year in college, I was disappointed that it hadn’t lasted long after making it. I noticed the magazine cut-outs would fade and peel off over time.

While creating a digital vision board, I was very excited about the freedom to make mistakes and try out different elements. I created this guide for you so that you would likewise have the opportunity to be creative and free with your 2021 visions!

*Throughout this guide, I use my personal 2021 digital vision board as a reference.

Deciding Your Vision

To begin your 2021 digital vision board, start by making a list of things you want to be your focus.

Consider specific goals within these areas: living, social, health/wellness, spiritual, financial.

Next, think about the aesthetic for your digital board. An aesthetic is the overall style or beauty of something. Think vibe or mood.

Is your digital vision board dreamy? Are you only using muted colors? Do you want playful pops of color? When your digital vision board follows an aesthetic, it is more pleasing to the eye; thus, increasing the focus on your visions.

Gathering Your Vision Board Elements

There are many sites/apps to use to get visual content for your digital vision board. For my 2021 digital vision board, I mainly looked for content in three places: Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. No worries if you do not have access to these sites! If you wish to use them, simply create a login--or you can use Google Images.

Gather your aesthetically pleasing elements (such as people, places, colors, quotes, etc.) by saving/downloading them to your phone or computer.

If you are working on your phone, screenshotting is an easy way to capture images quickly.

Below, you can see the elements I chose from Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Creating Your Vision Board in Canva

To create your digital vision board, you will need a platform to compile images together easily. I chose Canva for my 2021 digital vision board.

Canva is a graphic design site that you can also use as an app on your smartphone. An added benefit of using Canva to create your digital vision board is the free backgrounds, visual elements, and filters offered. I found lots of free elements to use that supported my aesthetic!

>Begin your vision board with a background. You may begin with a blank white screen or choose the free ones within the Canva site.

>Add the visual elements that you saved to your computer/phone in a collage-like formation.

Tip: group specific visions for a unified look.

For example, every visual element related to money can be compiled together in a corner, while elements related to spirituality can be in another corner together.

When you are all done, save your digital vision board as a png or pdf to your computer OR save it to your camera roll on your phone. You can make it your screensaver or print it off to place it somewhere you would have your eye on often.

Watch below to see the process of how I created my 2021 vision board!

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