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Checking In: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Today

Whether life is moving faster than you can manage or slower than you expect, checking in with yourself is necessary for understanding the direction your life is taking. Taking a mindful moment allows you to assess how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically.

When we don’t check in with ourselves regularly, we can lose our direction in life and forget our purpose. With no direction or purpose, we begin to feel like strangers in our own lives. Checking in with ourselves honors our need to make time for learning about ourselves.

Making the time each day to learn more about ourselves fosters a sense of security as we learn to become our own safe place. At any time today, you can ask yourself these three questions to honor where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’d like to go.

Question #1: Where Have I Been?

The past can be an uncomfortable place to return. There can be unresolved traumas and painful pressure points that leave us feeling empty. Though it can trigger unwanted feelings, exploring the past can offer you a new understanding.

Assess the struggles you’ve faced in life. What are they? Allow yourself to journey backward to replay these moments in your mind. Do your best to create a realistic account of these challenges as you remember them.

Forgive yourself and others for unspoken/spoken pain.

Honor the past by giving it your attention. Understand how it has shaped your present so that you may appreciate the future.

Question #2: Where Am I Now?

As you consider where you are now, take in the fullness of the moment. Recognize that every moment of the past has gathered to make this present moment possible.

Think about the current state of your mind, body, and spirit. Where do you feel discomfort? Pay special attention to how this discomfort has manifested into your speech, your walk, or your interaction with others.

Allow confusion, worry, anxiety to pass through you as quickly as they have come. You are a vessel for feelings and emotions to pass through fluidly.

Appreciate yourself for taking this mindful moment. Get a sense of how you’ve relaxed by being present in this moment.

Question #3: Where Do I Want to Go?

Now that you’ve considered the past, accepted the present, take time to ponder your future. Dedicate your energy to understanding your specific path in life.

Release negativity and self-judgment. Fill your mind with the positivity of reclaiming your path in life.

Trust your introspection. You’ve done a lot of thinking. This self-awareness welcomes a new understanding of who you are. By taking this mindful moment, you have remembered the essence of who you are.

Believe that you can and will repeat this mindful moment over and over again in life. The amount of times you do this process is not an indication of your inability to heal but proof of your resilience in a chaotic world.

Though it can be an uncomfortable process, honoring your past helps you understand your present and appreciate your future. When we fail to check in with ourselves, we are not in tune with the realities of our mental, emotional, and physical state.

We can quickly lose faith in our direction and purpose in life. Checking in now gains you the confidence to carry on with your journey no matter how fast or slow the days might be.

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