An Ode to Peaceful Solitude

When you sit with yourself, what do you notice?

Do you see the acne scars that paint your face?

Do you notice the unevenness of your brows?

The smallness of your eyes?

Or do you see lips that curve into a bright smile?

Do you see eyes that behold beautiful faces like yours?

Or cheeks that rise to the sky with laughter?

Do you edit God’s work?

Do you notice what’s not there?

Or do you celebrate what is?

When you sit with yourself, do you cry?

Do you laugh?

Do you think about forbidden dreams?

Past loves? Future friends?

Do you grieve the past?

Or do you look toward a brighter day?

When you sit with yourself, are your eyes fogged with tears of regret?

Or droplets of joy for what’s to come?

Do you bring every meaningful experience to the next moment?

Do you welcome the complexities?

Cherish the confusion?

Spread the joy?

Do you honor the wholeness of who you’ve grown to be?

When you sit with yourself, do you love yourself?

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