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6 Guided Meditations for Beginners

So you want to meditate, but you’re not sure where to begin. Getting into any meditation, especially as a beginner, can be overwhelming as your mind struggles to focus. When your first meditation experience doesn’t compare to the videos or pictures you see on social media, you may get frustrated with your slow progress.

Although, you shouldn’t get discouraged! The Insight Timer app is one of the best places to find guided meditations that are useful for beginners. You can conveniently download the free app on your phone, or you can visit the Insight Timer website at

Each guided meditation gives you simple instructions for completing the meditation. An instructor talks you through how to breathe and how to focus your mind. The plethora of guided meditations within the Insight Timer platform can be tailored to any mood or setting you like.

The length of each meditation is always listed, along with a brief description and rating. The social media aspect within Insight Timer also helps foster a supportive community of mindfulness.

If you’d like to get started, I’ve listed six guided meditations for you to try! These meditations are available within the Insight Timer app or website. You can begin with the simple press of a button!

For Emotional Healing

On Forgiveness by Ruth King

Rating: 4.7

Length: 4:50

Description: With over 20,000 plays, this guided meditation by Ruth King helps listeners with the pain of regret. She helps listeners focus on forgiving themselves and others with the affirmations she uses throughout the meditation.

A Home for Love by Alex Elle

Rating: 4.9

Length: 6:22

Description: Alex Elle is a published author who focuses on the spiritual healing practice of writing. In this meditation, she reminds listeners that their body is a home for love and that they can return to themselves at any time for comfort.

For Being Present

The Only Place You Need to Be is Here by Dora Kamau

Rating: 4.8

Length: 3:32

Description: With over 40,000 plays on Insight Timer, this guided meditation by Dora Kamau is short and sweet--perfect for beginners. Dora guides listeners to follow their breath and soothes them into stillness with her calming voice. If you need to let it all go and just be, then this guided meditation is perfect for you.

Be Present by Sara Spada

Rating: 4.8

Length: 2:33

Description: In this guided meditation, Sara Spada reminds listeners of their worthy existence. She helps listeners focus on being present with themselves first to be present for others. This short guided meditation is perfect for anyone who needs guidance with grounding themselves.

For Finding Peace in Challenging Times

Re-Centering in Time of Uncertainty by Alex Elle

Rating: 4.8

Length: 8:44

Description: In the wake of COVID-19, Alex Elle created this guided meditation to help listeners feel safe among the chaos of the world. In this guided meditation, Alex guides listeners back to themselves to face their fears, and focus on the love that lives inside of them.

Quieting the Inner Emotional Storm by Ruth King

Rating: 4.6

Length: 7:54

Description: Ruth King guides readers to face the emotional pain that lingers within them. She gets listeners to notice any discomfort that fills them and teaches them how to quiet this pain with mindful healing.

I hope these guided meditations allow you to focus better and quiet the noise around you. As a beginner trying to meditate for the first time, it can be challenging to focus. Insight Timer is a valuable resource for beginning meditation. Visit the Insight Timer website or download the app to experience more opportunities to meditate!

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