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5 Books on My 'To Be Read' List

My TBR (to be read) list grows longer each day, and I am so excited to read all of these books very soon. Keep reading below to see which books are on my list!

Against the Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa

A sweeping and lyrical novel that follows a young Palestinian refugee as she slowly becomes radicalized while searching for a better life for her family throughout the Middle East. Read more.

The Beauty in Breaking by Michele Harper

An emergency room physician explores how a life of service to others taught her how to heal herself. Read more.

The Tradition by Jericho Brown

Jericho Brown’s daring new book The Tradition details the normalization of evil and its history at the intersection of the past and the personal. Read more.

Carry by Toni Jensen

A powerful, poetic memoir about what it means to exist as an indigenous woman in America, told in snapshots of the author’s encounters with gun violence. Read more.

Waiting for the Night Song by Julie Carrick Dalton

A moving novel about friendships forged in childhood magic and ruptured by the high price of secrets that leave you forever changed. Read more.

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